October 12, 2010

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day one, continued: the launch party

So when I last left off, our team was in a bit of a (traffic) jam trying to get from model fittings, to our client's studio, party ready and back downtown all in about an hour. Thanks to my maniacal driving steeze (just kidding Mom) we weren't too late -- and I'm still impressed that I managed to curl my hair, steam my dress and attempt a smokey eye in about 15 minutes... although there's a good chance I looked like the poor man's Kesha. Once at the party I needed to a) ensure all volunteers had the most recent copy of the guest list in their hands and discuss protocol, b) meet the president of AVEDA Canada (huge deal) so I could introduce him to important peeps throughout the party, and c) get a drink in me, stat. Don't judge.

Inside at the AVEDA Institute for Eco Fashion Week's launch party. Photo by J28 Studios.

The party filled up almost immediately. I stuck pretty close to the door -- although our volunteers were wonderful and very lovely, they didn't really know the faces that went with the names and I had to make sure everyone who's anyone (how lame does that sound?), was quickly ushered inside. I also had to do my rounds and a few introductions, but the party ran very smoothly and I got to chirp around and enjoy myself sooner rather than later.

The Eco Fashion Week Team on the "Green Carpet". Photo by J28 Studios.


Dolce Vita dress via Bicyclette Boutique, DV by Dolce Vita shoes, H&M moto jacket.

Snapping a photo of the hand-sewn detailing was nearly impossible without it being a gratuitous cleavage shot. Which is one reason why I love this Dolce Vita dress -- it's booby and short! But not over the top. Blake Lively would be so proud. It's from Bicyclette, which I mentioned here is an AH-mazing online boutique and if you haven't visited yet I highly recommend you do, although I did receive many comments cursing me for introducing its temptation... so don't blame me when you love it.

For more coverage on the partay, please visit Nicole over at Le Mode du Jour and Chloe at This Girl's City.


  1. Love the outfit, you looked gorgeous! Congratulations on your event, glad it was such a success!

    Alexandra xo


  2. I love that DV dress on you! S would be proud, hell I sure was! You look great for having only 15 mins to spare; it takes me that long to do up those DV boots that we both have haha. Party was awesome, glad to hear you got a drink (or two?) in you as well! Only you could look good while working ;) Thanks for the mention and link! Hope to see you again soon.. I'm thinking Joe Fresh opening? xo

  3. That dress is stunning. The silver embellishment adds a certain strikingness to the look which is overall understated perfection. Witty and interesting post. X


  4. It sounds like a hectic time behind-the-scenes, but one would never know it looking at you. You were always the unflappable and poised PR pro with a great outfit to boot. Well done. :)

  5. You looked absolutely smokin'! That dress is just incredible!

  6. oh girl, i'm drooling over your dress!!! its gorgeous!

  7. Wow i love that!

    I just came by your blog and i'm def. a new follower!

    ^^ Take a look and follow me back if you like!

  8. Sounds like it was a blast!! I love your outfit, you look gorgeous! XOXO, Natalya

  9. That dress is amazing!!! You look great. :)

  10. Oh, I just saw this! Thanks for the shout out, lady! I just put the finishing touches on my EFWV Part 2 and you're in it! Here it is before I promo it tomorrow. ;) http://wp.me/p1227N-3A

  11. OMG, what a gorgeous post: everything's amazing in it. Thumbs up for your look,too!
    Have fun, ciao!

  12. You look great! Even a rich girl version of Kesha still wouldn't look as good.

  13. Double hi-five for boobage (and dope neckline garnishments)!!! *raises hands*

    Amazing event...you give me hope after graduation. :-)


  14. That dress is BEAUTIFUL and you look stunning in it!
    The launch party looked/sounded fun :)

    Bloglovin: http://www.bloglovin.com/en/blog/2011062/black-crayon

  15. Fabulous! You looked great! Loooove the neckline.
    Loooove your blog!


  16. Stunning dress, seriously.
    Also, I was just looking for other fashion bloggers who would be interested in exchanging links (advertising each other's blogs on the your page). If you're interested, please email back ASAP. (kristenbousq@aol.com) :)



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  17. i.want.that.dress

    i love learning about new online shops ahahhaha, although my budget hates it

  18. cool!
    and your outfit is great!

  19. Your outfit is AMAZING!
    Always go black when you're repping the media ;)
    Check out my photos from Fashion Jam : a fashion show put together for charity!
    XO Veronica

  20. Love love love your shoes!