August 11, 2010

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Some Business to Attend to:

1. I did a guest post for Haus of Hybrid on earth friendly fashion! You can read it HERE.

2. Some of my favourite bloggers have added Formspring and in an effort to keep up with the times I have signed up too! You can find me on Formspring HERE, or in my handy little Formspring widget, located in my sidebar.

3. You must watch this video of Joe Zee -- it's a gem. You know I've been repping the Chanel yeti suit like crazy and this video has achieved the impossible by making me love Joe Zee even more.


  1. i have a Formspring too, but I don't log in often. At least everytime a question pops up my phone will receive a notification. :)

  2. still not into yetis :( but good try !!

  3. I like your featuer on Eco Fashion at Haus of Hybrid. That was really cool and at the same time... Saving Mother Earth! Couldnt it be more wonderful than that? =)

  4. Awesome video, darling ~ love the yeti suit!


  5. Thank you for reposting the Joe Zee video! It was 2 minutes and 49 minutes of priceless moments. :D

  6. God, how I love Joe Zee. Fashion expert, reality tv gem (have you seen him in action stirring up the Erin/Olivia beef on the City!?) and now comic genius!? A man on many talents. And as much as I love Karl, I can really only see the Yeti look catching on with the most committed/tragic of Chanel addicts. X

  7. oh my goodness! how funny[: i was smiling the whole time i was watching it :D i would have ran up to him and bowed down to him! and i would yell "OH MY GOODNESS ITS THE CHANEL FUR SUIT!!!" it's amazing that a 13 year old girl like me knows what it is and a 50 something lady just laughs about it and doesnt believe it's Chanel..great post! Amazing..
    comment mine?

  8. Hahaha, that was hysterical... had to try really hard to not burst out laughing at work. Thanks for sharing!

    Have a great day Niki!

  9. Bahahaha I never get tired of watching that Joe Zee video! Girl, you need to your hands on that yeti suit ASAP!


  10. ooohhh really! well I'm happy I inspired you to go on a picnic! I hope that when & if you do, it's thoroughly enjoyable :) xx

  11. I can't believe people didn't recognize the yeti suit! It was straight off the runway!! I'd totally scream of happiness if I see you walking downtown wearing it.