August 19, 2010

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Meet Erin Kleinberg... Again!

I received this top from Erin Kleinberg last week (thanks again Erin & Emily!) when we unfortunately got stuck with a devastating few days of rain, so I shared her latest collection with you instead. I finally got to wear it this past weekend and since it's my new favourite item of clothing, it was only fitting that I wore it at both of my birthday parties.

At my family birthday bbq on Sunday. Yes, that pavlova was AH-mazing.

Wearing an Erin Kleinberg top (via Erin Kleinberg), Forever21 skirt and Dolce Vita sandals.

At the previous evening's birthday extravaganza. I have the best boyfriend in the world: He sent a surprise limo bus to my house with my girlfriends inside which drove us all to his house for my surprise birthday party! I also have the best friends in the world for managing to keep this a secret from annoying-and-suspicious me. Love you all so much.

I know, I broke a cardinal rule and wore the same thing two days in a row, plus I did it both times with a body-con skirt. Judge me all you want, I'm going to wear this beauty to death with boyfriend shorts, cargos, skinny jeans, harem pants and every skirt I own.

ps. Vancouverites -- Lynn Steven has Erin Kleinberg's fall collection in store now! Including that blue coat almost every commenter was drooling over.


  1. this is so awesome and your boyfriend is so sweet!

    You looked lovely


  2. loves it and go on with your bad self. i wore a tucker blouse twice in a row last week. if you love it wear it and that top is super cute.

    ps-happy birthday (belated) and pass the there's any left. mine's next week and i might wear the same thing for 7 days in a row just to test how that is.


  3. Great pictures. Love your outfits ;)

  4. super cute! and who said you can't wear stuff two days in a row?? you can always lie and say you have two of the same piece right? HA!


  5. What a nice birthday surprise!

    Now I'm going to have to stop by Lynn Stevens to check out this line.

  6. So gorgeous :)
    Xo Veronica

  7. who cares about fashion look cute! I really love the side detail on that first F21 skirt

  8. i'm stealing your boyfriend. although, i could go without the dutch ovens.

  9. What a fun day you had there!
    Loving your top.. Great style!

  10. You look great! I really like the detailing on your skirt :)

    Stop by sometime?


  11. Sweet bf and friends. I love the details on your F21 skirt! Happy belated birthday. Did someone send you the Chanel yeti suit yet? :)

  12. Fantastic pictures, great outfit!SarahD:)

  13. Thanks for sharing. I love hearing about local businesses :)