August 20, 2010

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Lauren Conrad for Kohl's Fall 2010

I doubt many of you even care; I know I didn't really. However, I must admit that this collection comes as a pleasant surprise (but not as surprising as the fact that Lauren Conrad is a New York Times bestselling author). There are some really great pieces (yes and some not so great) and with a price point starting at only $13 and capped off at a mere $72, it's definitely worth sharing. Plus, the lookbook is pretty. My favourite picks below:

My only major complaint: leggings as pants, Lauren? Leggings as pants?!? You should know better than that. To view the rest of the collection, click here.


  1. She's very stylish and very pretty. I used to watch the Hills a lot... I dont anymore but I still remember when she said "Always dress up better then you think you should". I am trying to follow this principle and so far I am happy with it... After all it is better to be over than under dressed :)


  2. I'm not the biggest fan of LC, but her designs are admittedly so lovely :)

  3. some really great items,.. if only they could come to SA!

    I love L.C!


  4. I really like her collection!
    Well done Lauren!

  5. yeah, leggings as pants is a bit weird. I agree! but the lookbook is pretty :D

    She's super stylish and cool!
    Nice blog, I'll follow you!
    Do you want to follow my blog too? Kisses

  7. I'm totally with you on this one! I gave all of her other "collections" the brush off but this one has some definite potential. I'm really feeling the layered look in the first outfit. But yes, she should know better, leggings are not pants.

  8. I love that she is the face of her own brand... a normal girl! OK, i loooove leggings but not as pants. CoSign, unless they are made form Unicorn fibers, not a fan.

  9. LOL leggings as pants. I'd have to agree with you there.. leggings do not EVER equal pants, no matter how skinny you are. ;) I'll go check out the rest of the collection.

    Have a great weekend!

    xx Love & Aloha

  10. looks pretty good - ill have to check it out. but does it bother anyone that her hair on the bottom is way lighter? to me it looks like someone put in the wrong colored extensions - yucky


  11. leggings as pants have got to go. I must say, I have never been overly impressed wit LC's ability as a designer.

  12. Gorgeous collection!
    Love that blue floral dress especially!


  13. I agree, it's actually alright and the bottom two dresses are pretty wearable, and at least none of it's expensive... But I don't think it was necessary for her to model it all herself, I mean yes she is a pretty girl but there's something slightly arrogant about choosing to model ones own collection... And don't even get me started on the leggings situation! They are not, not, NOT pants, no matter how great you legs are this look is highly unflattering you will just end up with a hideous camel toe situation. X

  14. I really love the pictures super pretty! The black lace blazer is pretty cute too!

  15. I've actually seen some good pieces from her; that floral blouse is gorgeous! My only problem with it is the polyester/other cheap textiles seem to be her fabrics of choice... but I guess it comes with the price. hahahha @ the leggings as pants... agree, she should know better.

    Unfortunately, that H&M jacket was purchased last summer when I was in Spain, and that sheer Zara blouse was found standing alone during their summer sale about a month ago. I'm sure there are similar pieces there now, though! The fall stuff just came in if you haven't already checked it out and it is gorge!

    Have a great weekend Niki!

  16. thanks for the comment, dear! :] and yes, i do definitely carry around probably too much! but doesnt really matter! a girl needs what a girl needs...!
    like the things you picked from lc's collection, and at the very least, they're all relatively cheap! lol
    - Lilly

  17. I don't like her much, but her clothes are rather pretty, but pretty boring a bit too.

  18. Leggings as pants? lol, bad move! I love the first and second look, but was expecting a little more from her..


  19. I think this collection is probably the best one she has done - her previous two lines both failed due to poor sales I believe. I like the floral blouse the most x

  20. Hi sweets - I have to say its all a surprise to me too. I love her style though - its always so fresh.
    Ok so I wear leggins but not as pants. If her top was past her bumm it would be a whole other story!

  21. It is a very pretty lookbook. It's definitely very LC's style, and I feel that it will sell @ kohls especially @ that price point!

    <3 Kelly

  22. I quite like some of this...too bad there's no Kohl's in nyc (I just made that up, there might be...but i don't think so). I'm glad she modeled her own lookbook, I think that really helps! She's so pretty but in a relatable way.

    xoxo, Ashley

  23. Ha, oh LC. I don't know if I can ever take her seriously. I agree with you though, the lookbook is very pretty! I love the little cropped jackets and the breezy patterned pieces :)

    Xo Discovering Elegance

  24. I've never been a fan of her or The Hills culture in general, but I have to admit that she does have that all-american-aspirational-girl-next-door thing going on.

  25. not Leggings as pants :( Couldn't she go with jeggins??[which I used to hate but now love]
    I really like the looks, because I can actually see people wearing the clothes. I can see myself wearing 95% of the collection :)
    Yeay LC! Now I just need to get myself to a Kohl's !

  26. I hate that they let her write books.

  27. ooo i love that lace jacket! i really feel like i need that! and the blue dress is pretty cute, especially paired with a leather jacket... hm shopping ban whhhat...
    xx. alyssa