August 29, 2010

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Believe it or not, I am happy in these pictures. It's not my fault that my face looks stupid in pictures. Or maybe it is. Nevertheless, my efforts to post more outfits should not go unnoticed -- just saying. Here is a little work outfit (plus heels) turned date night outfit, no big deal.

Wearing a BB Dakota jacket, Vince tank, Pleasure Doing Business skirt, Steven sandals, Green Sapphire necklace, vintage belt and holding a Sienna Ray & Co. clutch.

According to my Formspring, there's a lot of curiousity about my boyfriend -- so here he is! The Man, the Myth, the Legend himself. You can call him A Haute BF, but he'd probably prefer Ted.

Tip of the Outfit: always keep a pair of heels and a pair of flats at your office, in your car, gym locker, or anywhere else you have easy access to (I suggest they be shoes you can wear with anything, but won't miss if you don't have them readily on hand at home). A simple switch in footwear makes for a very quick and easy costume change, whenever you need one!


  1. you look lovely in theses photos, and i love love your coat!
    totally agree with your tip, as you never know where your going to be next!

  2. Um... stupid?? Hell no! You look beautiful and you have hot legs!
    ...was going to say that you and Ted make a haute couple but that won't make sense... a high couple??? couple... :)

  3. i like your striped shirt, it looks kinda nautical. cool outfit!

  4. You look gorgeous, darling!
    Love your skirt!


  5. Nice outfit! Love that skirt!

  6. The shoe tip is very helpful! I had a bank job in Surrey 2 summers ago (I live in Richmond) so I would wear flats to commute and heels when I got to the office.

    ps. your eyes look beautiful in the last picture! <3


  7. I hate it when you're supposed to be serious and fashion forward taking pics and then you can't seem to stop smiling the outcome is all awkward lol

    Cute bf!

  8. Awesome Tip Niki! I totally agree and I always usually carry a pair of flats with me if I'm wearing heels, and sometimes vice-versa. Love the outfit, esp the BB Dakota jacket! And the socks w/shoes looks great with your outfit, esp with the pop of colour from your necklace. Lovely photos, you and Ted look great together :)

  9. WOW !
    WE LOVE YOUR BLOG , even your style !
    Just gorgeous !
    We follow you !

  10. a tad sailor-eqsue i dig it


  11. You look so pretty. I love the stripes and military trends combined.

  12. love this outfit! it is the perfect mix of military and nautical. gorgeous :)

  13. What a lovely couple and I really dig that necklace you've got on!


  14. Love this outfit. That necklace is gorgeous. :)sarahD