August 26, 2010

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"hit or miss"

is my new name for Drew Barrymore. Drew "Hit or Miss" Barrymore. Why? Because she has the potential to look like this:

But so often ends up looking like this:

See? It's a hit, or it's a miss. Don't get me wrong, I like Drew. In fact, I love Drew right now because she's taught me that I don't have to dye my roots for 6 months and I can call it "ombre". I just think that she should spend less time making bad movies with the Mac guy and more time sharing style tips, shopping and GOOPing it up with her pal Gwynnie P.

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  1. I love Drew!
    It looks like nobody is perfect and we all have our bad days ;)

  2. she looks lovely in every outfit, even in the bad ones!

  3. I have never been a huge fan of Drew. She's un-debateably gorgeous but prone to playing ever-so-slightly irritating film roles than give the unfair impression that she too is a bit annoying. Recently however she has been rocking some seriously enviable looks and I was slowly coming around to the idea of 'Drew Barrymore: Fashion icon'... but alas, it was not to be. That tassled monstrosity and top-made-of-hair definitely put paid to any chance Drew becoming much of a permanent feature in the best dressed lists. X

  4. Haha. I always think this too! She is such a chameleon and sometimes she looks UH-MAZING and other times it's just annoying because you know she can do so much better. :)

    Bre @

  5. im mad. i fixed my roots and the lady totally fucked up my hair and cut off all the length. i shouldn't have fucked with it and stuck with my drew barrymore like locks :( le sigh.

    as for her taste in outfits - eh idk at least shes willing to go there right?


  6. The look at the top right is so sophisticated and polished! I almost like the fact that she defaults to low-maintenance bohemian once in a while because she used to be a bit of a flower child in the '90s. (I still remember seeing photos of her in old issues of Seventeen with daisies tucked behind her ears.) It feels more authentic than the celebrities who have stylists put together every single look for them.

  7. I LOVE her look at the bottom right.
    Must have that cape.


  8. not sure why, but i love anything drew puts on..she always makes her look/outfit fun :)

  9. I love Drew, esp. in Charle's Angels :) My favourite is her oufit in the top right!


  10. I love her "Hits" but when she's a mess, she looks like an Olsen twin.


  11. haha, i do agree! she looked good in the sequins though. great post, ive just come across ur blog n i love it! im following u!

    follow me too


  12. God I love her in that bronze sequined top above. Her best look all year!

  13. Oh, Drew. I agree, she can definitely be a hit or miss, but when she's a hit, she's a hit! I love her hair, and her *fashionable outfits seem to fit her personality perfectly!

    Xo Chelle

  14. Wow - huge difference between the hits and the misses. The hits are amaaazing though!

  15. I love Drew's style.. she not only dresses really amazing but also carries a incredible smile with her outfits

  16. just found your blog, and i couldn't agree more. I think she should keep a stylist on the payroll, permanently.

  17. I really love Drew but over the past couple of years after seeing a lot of miss pictures in the press I can't help but wonder if she's trying to find her own style? Or maybe she just has a bad stylist...

    Em K