August 2, 2010

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Have I mentioned yet that my Birthday is coming up?

Yes, of course I have -- here and here. My birthday is in exactly two weeks today on Monday, August 16th... and I am actually not looking forward to it; I feel old and lame. But let's not get emo here on A Haute Mess -- it's time to talk birthday gifts! Thus I present,

Things I want for my Birthday:

1. A mini pig. I can't even deal with how awesome I think these are.

2. A trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter where I would battle a dragon on the Dragon Challenge rollercoaster, tame a hippogriff at the Flight of the Hippogriff, be chosen by a wand at Ollivander's wand shop and follow a game of quidditch with a nice, cold Butterbeer at the Hog's Head Pub!* Too bad Cedric Diggory didn't make it past the 4th book -- I know a few ladies who would love an R.Patz inspired ride! HA.
*Yes I am this nerdy/cool.

3. Pauly D from the Jersey Shore, aka DJ Pauly D, to DJ at a birthday party for me. It would be the most ridiculous, trashtastic birthday ever.

4. Karl Lagerfeld to follow me on Twitter. Karl Lagerfeld, of course, follows no one on Twitter. It would be epic.

5. A Chanel Yeti Suit. Why? To be a Chanel yeti for Halloween, obviously.

Last but not least and in all seriousness (as if I'm not serious about the above) I would like you, readers and friends of A Haute Mess, to follow me on Twitter and join me on Facebook! The best things in life are free, right? Happy Birthday to Me!


  1. Happy birthday to you!
    Love your list of birthday gifts ;) Haha!!!

  2. you need to get that chanel yeti suit and room the streets of van in it. will be brills beyond brills!!! happy upcoming!


  3. haha fun wishlist!!
    I want a teacup piggie too!! so adorable!
    Happy Birthdayy!! :D

    <3 Kelly

  4. haha, awesome.. did you see joe zee in the chanel yeti suit? epicly hilarious. and i want to go to the harry potter park, too!

  5. Lol, funny wishlist for a lovely post. Swear I'll be back in order to convey all my wishes on time but please don't feel old and lame, believe me, you have decades before feeling like that.
    Have fun for the time being, ciao!

  6. fist pump! lets beat up the beat!


  7. Fab post, I love the little pigs! : ) xxx

  8. I'm now following you on Twitter. Is that epic?? AH HA HA!

  9. those mini pigs are too cute aww

  10. Happy (early) birthday lady! I hope you get all those things for your birthday because that would be so awesome, esp that Chanel yeti suit; I can see you rocking that lol

  11. Happy happy birthday girl :) I secretly wish Pauly D were a DJ for my birthday party, too. Haha! Enjoy your time with loved ones. xx

  12. A mini pig? I just call them babies lol, thats what they look like to me anyhow.

  13. no 3 just made my day! season one of Jersey Shore has just started in SA and my boyfriend and i cannot get enough of it! we kill ourselves laughing at every episode, think snooki and the situation make the show! haha!
    Great post, a little pig would be at the top of my birthday post too!


  14. Loved this post!!! I would love to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter as well. It looks amazing. lol.

  15. Happy Birthday!!!!
    I want to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter for my birthday too!!! :D
    lovely post!