August 21, 2010

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Formspringing: Volume One

In the last couple of weeks my inbox has been home to many e-mails asking the same sort of questions, so I signed up for a Formspring account as a way for people to view FAQs and of course serve as a new way to connect (but if you would still like to e-mail me, I would still love to e-mail you too!). My friend and writer of Stylestruck, Olivia, has a great feature on her blog where she posts questions and answers from her Formspring, and I'm full on copying her and doing the same. Thus I present my new feature I've (not-so) cleverly entitled, Formspringing.

1. Do you live on your own or with roommates?

I live with 2 roommates... aka Mom and Dad.

I've been in school or interning since I've moved back home from University so I've been enjoying a rent free lifestyle, perfect for a student or intern. Now that I'm working, I plan to move out soon... but first the school/intern induced debt must be sorted out and some money needs to be saved. And I'm not going to lie... I have awesome roommates, a fridge full of food, and ample time with my dog. Why rush, right?

2. Do you have any tattoos?

No. Would you put a bumper sticker on a Bentley?

Just kidding. But tattoos really aren't for me. I like them on other people when they're really cool or meaningful, but it's just not something I ever see myself doing.

3. What was the best concert you went to?

I've been to so many good concerts. Recently John Mayer pleasantly surprised me, he was awesome. Major wailing guitar steeze. David Gray was a really mellow concert I went to a couple of months ago and he was unreal.

I also loved seeing the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The seats I had were terrible but they were so good it didn't even matter.

John Mayer in Vancouver

4. I love your blog! Do you any any advice for a new blogger? How did yours become so successful?

Thank you!!

I don't really consider mine that successful, but people are reading it I guess so that must count for something! I guess my advice would be to just keep it up, try to post as often as you can and network with other blogs via link exchanges, and Twitter is really good for that too.

5. Would you eat 10 cans of SPAM in one sitting in exchange for Louboutins? No puking allowed.

Easy question. I absolutely would. If I could use my cast iron stomach to earn designer shoes... my life would be made.

6. Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Team Edward, one hundred and ten percent.

7. Where would I most likely find you hanging out?

hmm... during the summer (day) probably down at Spanish Banks or Jericho beach. I avoid Kits beach because of the riff raff. And by that I just mean the gross juice monkey Ed Hardy guys that hang out there.

As a caffeine fiend you can find me refueling at Agro cafe, JJ bean or Raw Canvas in Yaletown, all by my office.

On a night out I'm usually at the Met or the Lamplighter. I'm a pub girl not a club girl.

I also go to a lot of concerts at various venues around the city.

And I spend a good amount of time hanging out on my wonderfully 90s hunter green leather couch.

8. Can you post a blog post of your closet? and flat?

I can definitely do that. My closet is awesome -- I actually have two closets! I'm crazy like that. I'm in the process of reorganizing & clearing out old stuff for charity, so I will be sure to post pics once complete.

9. Where are your favorite places to shop in Vancouver? Do you ever shop Online?

Obvs I love, I rep it pretty hard on my blog. I also love Topshop but haven't found anything online there in a while, and I love finding cheap treats at H&M (but I can't deal with it between seasons or during a sale). Zara is also a gem. I like Holts too but am often put off by the service (or lack there of) received.

Just in Vancouver, I love Oliver & Lilly's on 14th and S. Granville, Lynn Steven in Gastown, one of a few/two of a few in Gastown, Vincent Park (Main st.), body politic (Main st.), F as in Frank, Mintage, etc etc etc!

I also like thrifting but have to be in the right mood for it ie. not looking for anything specific, caffeinated and well fed. Otherwise it's game over.

10. How did you get started in fashion PR and do you have any advice for someone who wants to work in that industry?

I always wanted to work in fashion but wasn't sure if it was a realistic career choice. I actually got a degree in Psychology first, before doing a post-grad certificate in PR (when I decided that this was definitely the career path for me). I did a PR internship for a handbag company when I was in school for pr, and then did another internship for a boutique fashion/beauty/lifestyle pr agency while I was finishing up school and after I finished. Now I work there!

My advice is definitely to go to school for it, and make sure you're a good writer. Take extra writing classes if you have to, because if you can't string together a grammatically correct sentence... pr is not for you. I also advise interning. It's extremely hard to find a job in PR, and interning first teaches you many of the essential skills you need, gives you valuable work experience and shows an employer that you're dedicated to working with them. Last but not least, network network network! Sometimes it just comes down to who you know, so you want to be the person that knows everyone.

Oh and don't expect it to be like the City. It's more like Kell on Earth. haha. But super fun and rewarding! GOOD LUCK :)

11. What was your last designer purchase?

hmm... I don't even think I can remember! I've been on an unvoluntary shopping ban. I think it was my Christian Louboutin black ankle boots.

12. What foods would I find in your shopping cart?

Frozen pizzas, pasta, ketchup chips, smart food white cheddar popcorn, bread, cheese, ice cream sandwiches. I'm a dirty carboholic, I know. It's the Italian in me. And I looooove junk food. But I do throw in some healthier options like fruit, veggies, chicken breast and salad to make myself be a little healthier. Plus fruit is delicious when eaten with ice cream right?

13. How do you stay in such great shape?

hahaha. thank you for the compliment but I am not in great shape! Did you see the answer I had for the grocery cart question? I'm a sloth.

I go through phases with exercise though, sometimes I'm pretty active and try to do something everyday either working out, taking my dog for a good walk, or trying a new activity -- I tried paddle boarding this summer (aka kate hudson workout) and it's super fun, not that hard and you are sore the next day. I also tried surfing this summer... and it's so.freaking.hard. But really fun until a huge waves knocks you off and you get smoked in the head with your board.

But there are also times when I'm just too busy and am very very inactive, I'm in a slump like that right now.

14. Do you buy things retail price or wait for them to go on sale?

I usually buy things retail price, I'm way too impatient to wait for things to go on sale! But I've also really cut back on shopping in the past year since the majority of it was spent interning, so I've become way more frugal. Hording gift certificates, sale shopping, buying thrift and vintage, etc.

15. What's a typical day like for you?

Wake up, make coffee. If I don't have coffee I might as well just stay in bed, I'm completely useless without it. (funny side note - I've been addicted to coffee since a young age, I was a figure skater and didn't want to grow too tall so I actually started drinking it for A. 5 am practice and B. to stunt my own growth. I'm almost 5'9" now, so clearly my own self-sabotage failed. But I digress.)

I either work downtown or from home, but regardless I spend the day working my PR steeze and Kelly Cutrone-ing it up (but not really). There's never really a "typical" work day since pr can have you doing almost anything! But the most typical it gets is writing press releases, blurbs, trend reports, pitching to media, etc. And writing/responing to hundreds of e-mails!

After work I set up a blog post, get back to my insane personal email inbox, etc. I'm on my computer aaaaall day and most of the night. At night if there's an event to go to I roll down to that and if not I either hang out with friends or my boyfriend or my crotchety old puppy.

Thank you for your questions! To read the rest or ask more, visit me on Formspring or enter a question in the pretty blue box in my sidebar.


  1. Haha. I am also useless without coffee in the morning and have been drinking coffee since a young age too. I also had 5am figure skating practice, but usually drank coffee after practice on the way to school. In my case, I think it may have stunted my growth though. I'm only 5'4". :(

  2. drooling over your Lous !! they are gorgeous

    stop by sometime<3

  3. Haha. Love all of this - from bumper stickers to your fabulous roomies!

    Most of all I love the Smartpop popcorn in your grocery cart. I'm going to have to pick up a bag of that ASAP

  4. So great to know you better!

  5. Nice blog!
    "No. Would you put a bumper sticker on a Bentley?" -haha:) I'm gonna remember that one!

    Please Visit & Join


  6. Very much on the same page when it comes to coffee addiction, I am not human without my triple shot latte every morning... I've only made it to 5'6" and maybe thats why... You're job sounds incredible. I am going to Central St Martins to study fashion and am spending most of my time now, and will do during my holidays in the future, doing unpaid internships and have learnt so much and made so many useful contacts through doing so. I am really interested in fashion journalism, styling and buying and seeing the route you've taken to getting the job that you wanted has really inspired me too keep working to do the same. X

  7. WOW! You are such a witty tall girl... =) I enjoyed reading your answers because you really took some time to answer and think about it... It looks like it...

    I dont live alone too.. I'm staying in my uncle's place and its really nice to not pay for any rent and food... =))

  8. Loved reading all of this! Don't worry, I'm an awful junk food junkie as well. Loving those Loubies on you!

  9. Can't WAIT to see your closet post!!!

  10. Really interesting post, thanks for sharing! xxx

  11. i am so jealous of the john mayer concert!!!
    He is so great live!!

    LOVE your blog!


  12. Great answers! Loved learning a bit more about you Niki.

  13. It's great getting to know you better, great answers! XOXO, Natalya

  14. Fun Formspringing :D
    I always wanted to know more about Fashion PR, thanks for the tips :)

  15. Great post, Niki! I LOL'd at some of the responses!

  16. Wow people ask you some pretty personal questions! It's great that you decided to answer some of them and cool to get to know more about the blogger behind the blog. I can only imagine how big your inbox must get!