July 22, 2010

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You can never go wrong with Kenneth Jay Lane jewelry

Alright, you can also really never go wrong with Tiffany diamonds and Chanel pearls, but we're talking a price point generally well below $200 (with the exception of the $495 pearl necklace below) and cute, chunky, costume jewelry so for this post it's KJL for the win.

Kenneth Jay Lane images from Shopbop.com

Have I mentioned yet that it's my birthday in just under a month? Insert deep aging-related sigh here. I'm actually really not looking forward to it. But I bet I would be if I had some new jewelry coming my way!

Just kidding.


  1. Ooh now these are really pretty. I must admit, I love ur blog.


  2. these are so gorgeous!! love that pearl-like beads neck piece there!

  3. my gosh i must have the blue one!

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  5. I actually prefer this type of jewelry over diamonds, although I do love pearls.
    The necklaces and rings and beautiful, especially the blue ring and the green chain necklace!
    Happy early birthday :D