July 7, 2010

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Bird by Juicy Couture

My initial thoughts when I heard that Juicy Couture was releasing a new line called Bird was "meh" followed by a "why." To answer the why, "Bird is for the girl with a cutting-edge sense of style." Now that I've seen a little bit from the latest collection, I must say that my opinion has changed a bit and I definitely like the attention to detail in many of the pieces. Some picks below...

I've gone from thinking "meh" to thinking "hmm" but in all honesty, at this price point... I'd say "a girl with a cutting-edge sense of style" is better off with Alexander Wang. What do you think about Bird by Juicy Couture?


  1. meh, it's ok... looks like it's already been done, yanno. unless it is competitively priced, ima say nope.

  2. I love the jackets!!!! want one :)
    I'm so surprised that Juicy Couture came up with something like this, I usually am not a fan.
    Completely agree though about the pricing and Alexander Wang.



  3. THAT COAT IS SO PERFECT! REALLY LOVE IT and the dress for that matter of sake! ;0)


  4. great stuff!!
    have a look at

  5. I actually really like it, its nice to see Juicy Couture do something new, I must say that I'm a bit confused about the jack sparrow look of the 1st & 2nd outfits, but the rest are very wearable


  6. great stuff, but the price --> not so great? lol

  7. I definitely had the same thought when I heard about Bird. Looking at it I am still on the fence EXCEPT for the fact that I am totally obsessed with that grey dress! it is so Balenciaga-esque and yummy!!! That would be the only must-have as far as I am concerned.
    Love, A

  8. I've shopped the stuff and tried the stuff down here in Saks and in their BH store. Some of it is cool...but what's not so cool is the price. Some great leather, but I just can't get over a $1200 price tag on a short-sleeved jacket that is, still, Juicy-ish. For the price, I'd rather have the AWang - although, admittedly, some of it is cool. Just my two cents.

  9. It seems like everything else that is trendy right now. And i like that gray dress.

    <3 Kelly

  10. Must say, I do love that grey long sleeved dress, but other than that not so impressed.
    xx Zinta

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  12. love the powershoulders!

  13. honestly, i don't think this stuff is a dramatic departure from a lot of their signature line, so i just don't get it. they already have a successful brand - why dilute it?

  14. i like it but i haven't seen teh price tag yet hehe.
    the military coat would look beautiful on a rider on a horse =D

    that said these are all items i could get in HK for half the price i'm sure

  15. I hate to say it, but if it's for a girl with a cutting-edge sense of style, why not go to forever 21 and get the look for less? Isn't that the point of the absolute cutting edge? It's usually a trend, so why spend the money. I would rather sink money into more classic pieces.

  16. I completely agree with Becca!
    Also, very nice pieces BUT nothing new. Why spend a bunch of money on things that you can find in other lines for much less? But eh, I'm not the type to dish out big bucks just because of a label. To each his, or her, own :D

  17. I think it's meh, nothing special and I'm not feeling those puffed sleeves on that black top with the ruffled back hem. definitely has already been done so it's just re-hashed style from other designers.

  18. I really don't like Juicy Couture, and although Bird is an improvement, it's so expensive and most of it looks cheap. I love the military jacket but it's not like it's hard to find one, everywhere has them nowadays.

    And I agree, I'd take Wang over that anyday ;]

  19. I think that the clothes that have been chosen are not the best examples in order for someone to decide whether bird by Juicy couture is innovative different edgy ...most of the collection is great anyway,