June 10, 2010

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True Blood True Blood True Blood!

Starts this Sunday! Thank you HBO for giving me summer programming to look forward to. If you don't watch True Blood, I suggest you pick up Seasons 1 and 2 ASAP and get caught up for the Season 3 premiere on Sunday night. You have 72 hours. Sleep is for the weak. Go!

In honor of one of my favourite shows coming back, I've decided to highlight True Blood fashion must-haves: How to Dress like Sookie Stackhouse. It's very simple, all you need is:

A basic white tee (Bop Basics) and a pair of classic fit jean shorts (Citizen's of Humanity)

A very girly floral dress (Rebecca Taylor) and a girly white dress (Theory)

A pair of white pumps (Elizabeth & James) and Keds-like flats (upgraded via Tory Burch).

To watch the official True Blood Season 3 trailer, click HERE. Are y'all fangbangers yet or what?


  1. Ahhhhhh I'm so excited for true blood!! You hit sookies style dead-on. I hope there's a lot of Eric this season. Also, I'd love to see a break down of lafeyette's style, he's way more out there then sookie!

    Xoxo Ashley @ freehoney.blogspot.com

  2. The dresses are incredible!!!


  3. You're so funny! (In that creepy vampire voice) Sookie would totally wear all these things! Bill, Sam, or Eric?

  4. So into white dresses now. : ) I love the one you posted.

  5. I am over the moon for season 3 to start Sunday! I picked up season 2 last weekend and had a marathon to get ready. The Rebecca Taylor dress has always been one of my favs! Def something Sookie would wear. I love all your picks!


  6. I've been lusting after the Rebecca Taylor dress for a while now, I want it so bad!!!!

  7. I WANT the LWD and Tory espadrille flats. Soooooooo cute!