June 7, 2010

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The Prada B.Y.O. (Bring Your Own) Bag

A Prada bag for under $300? No you're not dreaming. Prada is releasing a collection of lightweight canvas bags featuring select archive prints: the B.Y.O. bags. The bags will be available exclusively at Prada boutiques starting this month for $295.

Pretty cute, right? Although I must admit, in my opinion $295 for a canvas tote is steep - Prada or not.


  1. Cute prints (especially the first cluster) but a total rip off! I guess it appeals to people who buy things solely for the brand name.

  2. these are amazing! check out some of the marc by marc jacobs totes, they're kinda similar and some are as cheap as like $20!

  3. Agreed, cute but way to expensive! Those first set of prints would be really great for the beach.

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  4. Love the prints, especially the first set. I wonder how the quality is, but is there much of a difference when it comes to canvas bags anyway? From the looks of it, they seem to be fully lined in a contrasting fabric though. That's a definite plus!

  5. Thats a really interesting title..a Parada under 300...however...I really cant say I like them

  6. i believe that the designer of the gold dress is versace! its a few years old though, but its still amazing!

  7. I have to concur - 295 is still too close to 300 and especially only for a fabric tote :/


  8. definitely cute print but I have to go with the majority and say that $300 is pricey for a tote bag that isn't even real leather. If it were leather, that would make sense, but then it would cost more because it's Prada lol.

    thanks for your comment. where are you outfit posts lately? I'm sure you're really busy but I miss them! and the weather's getting better so hopefully you can post some up soon ;)

  9. Glad to hear that although we are all avid lovers of everything fashion (and Prada) we know when to draw the line when it comes to finance! So proud!

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  11. They're adorable...but I agree...a bit spendy!

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  12. definitely cute! but i was expecting about $100 cheaper than the actual retail price. think i'll save up for a purse instead :P

  13. so beautiful. love the prints.


  14. Woah that is still steep for a canvas bag. I prefer the Marc by Marc canvas ones but I don't know that they're any cheaper

    Welcome back to my blog!! Missed you hilarious comments!

  15. I like the yellow one with the boat. Perfect for the beach! Still cheaper than Lanvin canvas which is like $1,100!