June 16, 2010

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Lindsay Lohan: SCRAM Style

Due to her latest run-in with the law, former actress, Ungaro "Artistic Advisor", leggings/self tanner aficionado, present international party girl and future pornstar Linsday Lohan, has been ordered to wear a SCRAM Alcohol Monitoring anklet. As expected, her famewhoring ways and social life have been relatively unaffected. Why? I suspect it's due to an affinity for non-alcoholic cocaine-and-redbulls and a few clever wardrobe choices. So I present to you celebrity style DOs and DON'Ts: Lilo & SCRAM.

DO: Slouchy boots. A neutral colour is great for summer and the space provided by the slouch allows plenty of room for your SCRAM.

DO: A dark moccasin boot. With the buzzkiller on for who-knows-how-long, the last thing you should do is restrict your footwear options. Plus, the knee high fringe and dark color distract from the additional bulk added by the SCRAM.

DO: Wide leg and flare pants. Say goodbye to constant boots! Plus, with a great pair of roomy pants the only thing indicating your booze buster will be your abnormal sobriety.

DO: A head-to-toe sequined, wide-leg, cleavage-baring jumpsuit. With all that going on, who is even thinking SCRAM? Plus, the worst-dressed list is a great way to generate some publicity for something other than your DUIs and court appearances (or lack thereof).

DON'T: Gold heels, pink bikini, bad extensions, splotchy tan and the SCRAM. No explanation needed.

There you have it friends! style avec booze buster is as easy as big pants and slouchy boots -- summer is a great time to go boho after all. But with all the covering up she's doing, I can't help but wonder if it's because Chanel wouldn't pimp out her SCRAM?


  1. LOL.
    that bikini looks like underwear. wouldn't be surprised if it was.

  2. LOL. LOVE this post, hilariously stylish :P
    I actually like the dark Moccasin boots, they'd be cute in winter.

    Don't drink and drive kids!



  3. this is hilarious... well done!

    xo Lindsey

  4. LOL! Love the last shot & the badly sprayed on tan.

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  6. New look?

    Hahahaha!!! The setup was perfect!

  7. I have a quote from Lindsay Lohan on my Cubicle wall that always makes me chuckle: "The buggest misconception is probably that I don't have my head in the right place. That and probably that I'm not a good person. That makes me sad, because I actually am."

    Sell it LiLo.

  8. I loved this!!!! I wish there were more DON'ts for the scrams look!


  9. You are hilarious!
    I very much enjoyed this post.
    Xo Veronica
    passion for fashion

  10. Haha, this is hilarious!! I love it! Great post Niki! XOXO, Natalya

  11. This post made me smile. She's putting on weight again. Thank God. She looks so much better


  12. This is hilarious!
    God, whatever happened to her? I remember her in Mean Girls and Just My Luck...so innocent.


  13. Best. Post. Ever.

    ROFLMBO!!! *rolls on floor hysterically*


  14. Love it! She is such a hot mess, i doubt she can afford a stylist but did pretty well for herself in the boot pics!

  15. haha this post is so funny!
    great blog btw ! lovely pics
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