May 20, 2010

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Boy Steeze

Gotta love a guy with style. Photos from Jak & Jil.

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  1. They're all so pretty, they're putting me to shame. I have a crush on the guy in the hat with the scruffy face.


  2. Aaah me too!! Luv the pics!! Have a good wknd xx

  3. ah boys. so pretty and inspiring. want to steal that backpack right off his back from the 1st pic.

    can't say i have crush on any of these boys - they're just too pretty and fragile looking. would like to raid their closets though.

  4. i agree... great eye candy! hahahaha..

    i love how awesome their hair is..

  5. i adore the wispy ringlets of hair, the high waisted sharpness and strength that comes from so much style x

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  8. I love the accessories and colours from that third photo. you gotta love a guy with a great sense of style. and yes, jak & jil does have awesome photos. i miss your outfit posts lady!

  9. These guys have some serious style, my favourite is the third photo :)

  10. def low maintenance look that prolly took them an hour to figure out. however, still looks effortless.

  11. This post just turned me into Boy Crazy Stacy.

    Love dude style! Maybe it's the tailoring or the toned down colours -- who knows, but it's so inspiring (maybe that's why I keep steal old man style).


  12. Oh love these looks great looking men should wear nice clothes