April 4, 2010

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John Mayer John Mayer John Mayer

A concert so nice, I had to say it thrice! And by nice, I really mean rad, awesome and unreal. John Mayer put on an amazing show in Vancouver on Thursday night, and lucky for me, I was there! He played a well balanced mix of new and old material, and his guitar solos were epic and incredible. The only thing I was disappointed in was the fact that his vulgar tabloid persona was no where in sight. I was looking forward to some good quality douchebaggery, but alas, JM was a class act. No gossip or drama-rama, just charm, charisma and good humor. Photos below.

A clip of one of my favourite songs, Slow Dancing in a Burning Room:

John Mayer's mad guitar skills:

John Mayer is on tour now and throughout the summer. I highly recommend catching a show, if possible. Have I mentioned how good it was yet?


  1. Wow great photos.
    Thanks for posting! Looked like a blast.
    XO Veronica

  2. I love John Mayer and am so jealous! He already came to Portland, so I guess I am out of luck until next time!

  3. hes awesome, looks like a great concert

    want to link exchange?

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  4. I agree! I was at his concert in Calgary and was blown away. He is amazing :) Definitely a must see, I'm a bit obsessed!!


  5. I'm not much of a concert goer (i.e. not at all), but I'm glad to hear that he put on a good live show!

  6. I will not be catching a show because I can't get over the disgusting comments he made in a recent interview. Yes, he's talented but I cannot support racists and misogynists.


  7. oooo girl! i went to his concert a couple weeks ago [12th row, floor seats! :)] and did a recap post as well! he is FANTASTIC live...

    oh john mayer and your slippery tongue. yes, i do agree that his comments were ignorant, but i don't buy his music to hear what he has to say in playboy. i buy his music because of it's lyrical content. he is still a genius on the guitar :)