April 29, 2010

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I wish Gwyneth Paltrow was my roommate

or sister, or aunt, or generous friend. She could tell me how un-GOOP-like my life is and would help me become more GOOP-y. She would probably make me do a crazy cleanse and drag me to the gym with her and Madonna. We'd sit front row at Stella McCartney shows, between the Kates (Hudon and Moss, of course). But best of all, I would raid her closet to death like the most annoying roommate, little sister, niece or friend on the planet.

photos from style.com, Lainey Gossip, Just Jared.

The first things I would snipe? That Rick Owens leather jacket and the sparkly strapless Versace dress.

ps. Congratulations to Kat, the winner of the "Mess & the City" Sex and the City tour giveaway! A BIG THANKS to everyone who entered, the turnout was incredible! Stay tuned for the next one...


  1. haha - I would snag all her shoes! Just like I used to sneakily borrow my sisters' shoes when I was growing up. :)

    Bre @ http://theredbungalow.blogspot.com

  2. lol, or some crazy Fire Cupping on your back :)


  3. i think if that were to happen you would wind up beindg an even bigger star and soon she'd be wanting to raid your closet.

  4. Ooh the middle row of outfits is hawt!! She does have really good style and I kinda like her whole bitchy WASP aura. Why are her legs so freakishly shiny in that chair shot?!

  5. Not a fan of her as a person, but I do love her style, and her legs! They seriously go on for days!

    Thanks for the comment, Nikki dear. I am confused, though. I didn't go anywhere. I've been in Vancouver this entire time so I'm not sure if you just have me mistaken for someone else?



  6. I love her!

    A kiss from ITALY!!

    ❤Irene's Closet❤


  7. i know! her style is amazing, i would love to raid her wardrobe!

  8. If you're the sister can the cousin. I couldn't pass for a sister with my mexican american darker looks.. oh but maybe I was adopted, yeah that's it. I adore her too, I saw her on GMA today and she was just the sweetest thing.

  9. I love the 3rd look- I really want to get a matching blazer/shorts set- it's such a sleek look, esp. for a summer night out! You should come to my virtual slumber party! xo, mel

  10. really great blog!

    greets from germany


  11. I love her so much!! Her style is fantastic! I especially love all of her shoes!!

    Hey if you get a sec, you should stop by and check out my first giveaway!!


  12. Yeah, I definitely wouldn't mind borrowing some of those duds!

  13. She's always had a ton of naysayers over the years but since I first laid eyes on her in Seven, I've been smitten with her ever since. She's gorgeous and incredibly honest.