March 13, 2010

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Robert Pattinson and Kelly Cutrone

Don't worry twi-hards - Kelly hasn't snaked R.Patz from your precious Kristen Stewart (although that would make the gossip blogs far more interesting). They're a random pairing for a blog post, however the two have pleasantly surprised me in the last week and so I thought I would share.

I read Kelly Cutrone's book, If You Have to Cry, Go Outside, on my recent vaycay. Since I work in fashion PR, Kelly Cutrone is undoubtedly a person of interest to me completely apart from her role in reality TV shows. But even if you just love her for her role as the iron-fisted boss you see on MTV (and now on Bravo), her book is worth reading. She combines her life experiences and autobiographical tidbits with solid life advice on how to get what you want. She's also incredibly spiritual, even describing how finding faith (she actually invented her own religion, partly based on Hinduism and the teachings of the Goddess Durga) helped her overcome a crystal meth addiction. Yes, Kelly Cutrone was a crystal meth addict and financed her addiction by reading tarot cards on Venice beach - after already having a successful PR career and before starting People's Revolution. Regardless of your industry or interest in her, she offers good advice and an incredible story of how to go from the bottom to the very top of whatever you want to do - in her typical no-nonsense cut-the-crap way, of course.

Now what you've (obviously) been waiting for. I saw the movie Remember Me last night, starring Robert Pattinson (of Twilight, for those of you living under a rock), Emilie de Ravin (of Lost) and Pierce Brosnan. I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting this movie to be very good - I was just supporting my favourite sparkly vampire's movie career and wanted to see if he can actually act besides playing constipation-faced Edward Cullen. The verdict is in and to the contrary of many critics who've been unimpressed by his work as the vegetarian vamp - he can act! He plays an angsty 21-year old NYU student, grief-ridden after the loss of his brother and with major daddy issues (father played by Pierce Brosnan) who has an altercation with a police officer (Chris Cooper) and so wheels the cop's daughter (Emilie de Ravin) to get revenge. Obviously they fall in love - a poetic and tortured soul who quotes Ghandi and looks like Robert Pattinson? Please. However the plot is not as predictable as it seems, and without giving too much away all I can say is - go see it! If for nothing else but for steamy makeout scenes and the avoidance of Alice & Wonderland line-ups. Trailer below.

ps. Remember when this was "a fashion blog and personal style diary with a touch of music, beauty and lifestyle"? I realize that the latter has taken over in recent weeks. Will get an outfit post up ASAP.


  1. Thanks for sharing! This book caught my eye in Chapters the other day...think I'll have to go back and pick it up!

  2. I want to watch it now.. and I know I hubby won't be watching this flick with me.. so I need to find a girlfriend who adores the sparkley vamp as much as I do!! :)

    xx Love & Aloha

  3. thanks for sharing! i'll definitely both read the book and see the movie!

  4. WOW.
    hello faint.
    by the trailer, it looks amazing. but i think its just because, like everybody else, im in love with rob pats :(
    Butttt, the kelly book looks like an investment
    Great post

  5. Going to get that book very soon and i didn't see the remember me movie but now i will -i Love R.Patz

    Great Post..thanks for sharing

  6. I wanted to watch it, but last weekend I watched Alice in Wonderland, I loved it! I probably will watch Remember me this saturday ;)

    Oh and I'm a huge fan of kelly Cutrone, she's amazing!!!! I will definitely read her book!