February 3, 2010

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FMA Entertainment Weekly

There's a new show in town and it's for all of us lovers of fashion, music, art and lifestyle - the appropriately titled FMA Entertainment Weekly, featuring Vancouver's own Erin Ireland (@erin_ireland), Meena Mann (@MeenaMann) and Allison Warnyca. As an attendeee at their official launch party last week, I got the chance to grill the FMA ladies on the fashion, music and art they love. Mostly the fashion, of course.

Erin Ireland (left) and Meena Mann (right) after interviewing supermodel Coco Rocha (center)

First up, the fabulous Erin Ireland:

Erin interviewing Coco Rocha

How would you describe your style? Equestrian

Most recent purchase: the biggest, softest, cream-colored wool sweater

Favourite item(s) in your wardrobe: a light brown leather jacket that I bartered for in an Italian leather market and my Gucci purse bought in Florence 5 years ago which I still use everyday.

Styling tips: An outfit should always include one 'wow' item. Also, belt and shoes should always match (unless either is red & green and stands on its own).

Must haves/Wardrobe staples: A white collared shirt - classic fit and ultra white, and leather knee-high riding boots.

Currently Craving/Wish list: A Mackage black leather bomber and black Le Pepe riding boots.

Favourites to wear on FMA: neon pink lipstick (YSL #49), slim-fitting blazers and Lisbeth Jewelry.

Best interview yet: Sting. Unfortunately it was off the record at a premiere in London. We talked about his time in Vancouver rehearsing on the First Nations reserve.

Worst interview: A homeless guy on Granville street who I didn’t’ realize was homeless at first. Turns out he wasn't well. He followed us around and tried giving us something red and sticky-looking from a dirty jar.

Best/favourite part of your job: Easy - getting to test great food at events or restaurant shoots, then blogging about it: www.itstodie4.com

Worst part of your job: In the Spring and Summer I drive a Vespa and therefore have chronic helmet head hair. It doesn't look good on camera.

Fashion/Music/Art you’re currently loving: For music, Kay Musik – a Canadian living in LA on her way up the ranks. Her sound is a mix of Missy Elliot and Nelly Furtado.
For art: 'We, 2008' by Jaume Plensa, located in English Bay. It’s beautiful at night! It's part of the Vancouver Biennale.
For fashion: Zanerobe, a great preppy line out of Australia.

Vancouver hot spots…
Dining: Glowbal Group's Trattoria on 4th - specifically for the brussel sprouts! (just try them)
Drinking: Americano Soy Misto at Medina Cafe on Beatty street
Shopping: Club Monaco
Relaxing: making banana bread
Beautifying: Essensuals London (on Richards St.)

Erin (right) and ET Canada's Erin Cebula

Erin and Meena at the Whistler Film Festival

The lovely Meena Mann:

Meena on set

How would you describe your style? Conservative with a sexy edge. I like to have fun with my clothes but still feel like an empowered woman.

Style icons: Penelope Cruz is definitely the top of my list, followed by Madonna.

Most recent purchase: Firetruck red open toe pumps (worn with turquoise dress)

Favourite item in your wardrobe: There are a few items, love my Cowichan sweater along with my thin black short-sleeved turtle neck from Club Monaco, but if I had to choose one it would be my jean print and leather tights.

Styling tips: Always wear clothes that accentuate parts of your body your are confident about, and never let your clothes wear you.

Must haves/Wardrobe staples: Chunky bracelets and narrow to wide belts.

Currently Craving/Wish list: A sexy, feminine power suit.

Favourites to wear on FMA: I always like wearing bright colours on TV, or neutral colours layered with different patterns and designs.

Best interview yet: Two – Stacey McKenzie (Canada’s Next Top Model) and Roger Cross (Fringe and 24).

Worst interview: I’ve never had a bad interview but the most nervous one was supermodel Coco Rocha.

Best/favourite part of your job: Working with an exceptional team, but most of all introducing successful Canadians to local artists in hopes of inspiring them.

Worst part of your job: Forgetting to ask a question that you desperately wanted an answer to.

Fashion/Music/Art you’re currently loving: For fashion – chunky accessories and ultra high heels. For music – Beyonce’s latest album. For art – Vancouver artist Pamela Masik.

Vancouver hot spots…
Dining: Section 3 for their garlic and brie cheese platter, Pourhouse for dinner.
Drinking: Glowbal
Shopping: Top 3 stores are Club Monaco, Zara and Plenty.
Relaxing: English Bay Beach
Beautifying: Ignite in Gastown

Meena with Roger Cross post-interview

And the gorgeous Allison Warnyca, who you might recognize from Battlestar Galactica and Supernatural:

Erin, Meena and Allison on the red carpet at the FMA Launch Party

Favourite item in your wardrobe: My tie-dye yoga pants

Styling tips: Less is more.

Must haves/Wardrobe staples: Big badass leather boots, and Hanky Panky underwear

Currently Craving/Wish list: A little brown bomber leather jacket

Favourites to wear on FMA: My black Jonathan and Olivia dress (worn to launch party)

Best interview yet: Destineak! They just got engaged and were so amped up.

Worst interview: I haven't had one yet!

Best/favourite part of your job: Meeting amazing artists.

Music you’re currently loving: Gorgol Bordello – a Gypsy Punk band. I’ve never danced so hard in my life!

Vancouver hot spots…
Dining: Chambar (on Beatty St.)
Drinking: Abigail’s (on Yew St.)
Shopping: boutiques on Main St.
Relaxing: Infra red sauna at Flow (on Burrard St.)
Beautifying: Jogging in the rain.

From L to R: Erin Ireland, Meena Mann (both wearing JC Studio) & Allison Warnyca (wearing Jonathan & Olivia)

Be sure to catch FMA Entertainment Weekly, every Saturday night at 10:30 pm on KVOS!

Thanks again ladies! A special shout out to Erin for the launch party and for all your help. xo!


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    sincerely, the fashionista from thesilentswagger.blogspot.com

  3. This is awesome, and great answers!
    Wish we had something like this in Boston

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  5. Wow, such an awesome opportunity!! You totally deserve it and I love all the pix! - Natalya

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  7. how fun! that Meena is really tall!

    sorry we didn't meet up at the haiti event - i don't know how I couldn't have spotted you but it was sooo busy in there. loved yoru special feather heels you donated.

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    you're so lucky to meet coco rocha.
    o, i adore her.

    btw, the new header is beautiful.

  12. Lovin the new header! What a cool job, I'm so jealous of them!! It really is too bad that this show seems to be operating on such a thin bottom line. I will definitely be checking this show out though - gotta support the local talent!

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  15. Wow such an awesome opportunity!! Love the interviews. Thanks for your sweet comment. Yes the boots are ons sale bought them for 40 euro. Hope you can find them! OR maybe on ebay.

    I need your help badly!! Could you please vote for my outfit here: http://bit.ly/4wLwyk
    Click the link and and you can vote for me at the bottom of the page. Just enter your email address and the verification code! It just takes 2 seconds of your time and you can do me a big favor!!

    Thanks a million times!!!

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