February 12, 2010

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An Awesome Showcase

presented by Vancouver is Awesome is currently being held at Shine Nightclub in Gastown. It features the art, photography and designs of talented Vancouver locals and is running until the 28th of February. Whether you're a local or just in town for the Olympics, it's definitely worth checking out. Tuesday night marked the opening, so I put on my Louboutins and braved the brick and high heel inappropriate streets of Gastown for the launch party.

L: The very lovely photographer Christine McAvoy standing with her work (my favourite in the exhibit)
R: PR extraordinaire Malania De La Cruz with Executive Director/Managing Editor of Vancouver is Awesome, Bob Kronbauer

L: The curator of An Awesome Showcase Randy Laybourne, Christine McAvoy and one of my favouriter bloggerinas Olivia Lovenmark of Style Struck
R: A wall in the exhibit

L: Malania De La Cruz and friends enjoying the party
R: Olivia of Style Struck. Loved her lace and sequin top so much.

It's about time I do an outfit post. Not the most exciting outfit but because these suede Loubies have recovered from their unfortunate meeting with the wrath of dog drool* I figured they deserved a mention.
*Benny doesn't chew shoes, he sleeps with them, and his drool is a magnet for anything suede and designer. If I don't put them back on the highest shelf in my closet immediately after I wear them, he finds them. A dog after my own heart.

Zara dress, Kova & T lace leggings, Christian Louboutin shoes, Coach bag.

For a full review of the event, visit StyleStruck.ca, and to check out the exhibit head down to Shine nightclub between 12pm and 5pm to take a look!


  1. Yay, finally a new outfit post! Cute & classy outfit, the lace leggings definately jazzes it up. Your Louboutins are beautiful to look at, so worth the pain. Are they suede or just plain leather? Anyways, have a good Olympic weekend!


  2. great pics, and great outfit!

  3. love the red outfit!

    so fabulous!i love it darling!
    love the blog, hence the reason i am following :)

    sincerely the fashionista from thesilentswagger.blogspot.com

  4. awww..that looks like such a fun night! :) everyone looks so beautiful and fancy! :)

  5. i love your blog and you look great! personally, i think your hair looks better with your bangs swept to the side! that way your very gorgeous face can shine through! the outfit is to die, btw

  6. so classy and pretty! nice to see cool events like this happening now to showcase the best of vancouver.

  7. aw cute! those tights are pretty insane!

  8. Wow seems like a very great event ! I love what you wore ! Nice tights and boots ! :D Have a nice weekend ! Happy valentine's day xoxox

  9. looks like fun!

    for your readers: i'm hosting a HUGE giveaway on my blog. more details at katthroatworld.blogspot.com.. :)

  10. love your louboutins! i am on the lookout for my first pair...so many fabulous choices, a girl doesn't know where to start!! <3


  11. OMG your shoes are so hot!!! haha dogs are so funny aren't they?

  12. Luv ur outfit and all the pics!!! xx

  13. Looks fun!



  14. Looks like a cool event I love art. Your tights are very pretty =)

  15. Great pictures.

    Happy Valentine's Day

  16. I love the atmosphere! and your shoes looked amazing, and of course you did as well!

  17. Those shoes are beautiful,and the artwork is insaane, particularly the photography.


  18. the artwork is amazing; loving your leggings x

  19. Tights and shoes...you know you're my girl. I'm tellin ya now! LOL