January 29, 2010

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Hope in Haiti indeed,

judging by the fabulous turnout and generous support of many Vancouverites at the Hope in Haiti event at Barcelona nightclub last night. It was great to see so many familiar faces, but I definitely missed a few I would've loved catching up with. Regardless, it's wonderful to see people come together and really support such an important cause.

Inside Barcelona. To read the live blog of the event and for more (and much better!) pictures, check out Solo Lisa.

A Haute Mess readers have never seen these before...
Financially I suck right now and I don't really have any money to donate, so being able to help give money through shoes was awesome.

What I wore. A vintage dress and a vintage clutch and Christian Louboutin pumps. I had a bit of a Snooki poof going on too, please forgive me. I was aiming for the Sienna Miller in Alfie half-up-do ever since seeing pictures on Sterling Style, but ended up looking a little bit like the Jersey Shore.

Now that you've forgiven the pseudo-poof, please excuse my face. This dress will be for sale in The Haute Mess Shopping Emporium, opening... soon. I must apologize again for the delay, it's on the back burner for now until my schedule and the weather find common ground.

Looking to help? The Red Cross in Canada, The U.S., the European Union and all over the planet are in need of contributions and donations for Haiti Relief. Every little bit helps!


  1. i still love the feathered shoes, but the christian louboutin pumps are prettyyy hot too ! the whole outfit looks great. and the event have a great cause as well. fun photos !

    xx lue

  2. Oh wow, thanks for the mention! I'm sorry we just missed each other at Barcelona, but it sounds like you had a good time. Props to you for donating beautiful feathered heels to such a great cause.

    (Btw, love the strong shoulders on your vintage dress!)

  3. Love the jacket, it's really pretty :)

  4. This looks like it was a great success. Unfortunately work called late and I couldn't make it, but huge kudos to those of you who attended. Haiti deperately needs every ounce of help it can get.

  5. This is a good project for a cause.
    Btw, you look gorgeous sweetie pie!
    I love the feather shoe!

  6. So great to see you at Hope in Haiti! And thank you so much for donating the shoes -- have I ever told you how much I love them? They were quite the hot item.


  7. Oh I totally saw you last night but wasn't sure if it was you you. You looked so pro, elegant, and modelesque in your outfit :)

    I've also seen your shoe in a few online mags like Van Mag

  8. hey Niki i can't believe i didn't see you there. it was a fun night and I hope we get to meet up again. those feathered shoes were so beautiful - too bad they didn't fit me.

    looking forward to your shopping emporium.

  9. Definitely more Sienna than Snooki. I'm glad Hope in Haiti was a success! Wish I could have been there :(

  10. Snooki pouf...Your crack me up. You looked gorgeous!

  11. Niki I lovelovelove your dress. At first I thought it was an amazing-shouldered top with shorts but after reading on, I discovered it was in fact a dress! I need to have this dress in my life. Perfect outfit - and the hair is rad!

  12. snookie poof? TRUST ME you are more sienna miller. you looked absolutely smashing. what a great fund-raising idea - by the looks of the photos everyone had fun and really understood the importance of all people banding together for a common cause.

    have a fantastic weekend girl! you looked great!


  13. Great idea for raising money for Haiti.
    Your outfit is absolutely stunning!


  14. Such a cute blouse, love the shoulders!

  15. cute outfit! love everything!

    and it's great you could donate those amazing shoes for a good cause. how much was the winning bid? :)


  16. I see ORB's...LOL... ok, but yes super cute outfit and glad the event was a success.

  17. Do you have any shoes that are not incredible??? YOu also looked amazing doll!

  18. CUTE PICS!!

    Irene's Closet


  19. You look lovely, and your pouf is chic, NOT Snooki-esque... I felt this needed to be pointed out! :)

  20. wouuuuuu!!! preicoso outfit!!!!

  21. Looks like it was a great night! Wish I could have made it :( Love the shoulders on that dress!

    P.S. Come and enter my Valentine's giveaway!

  22. this is soo not a snooki outfit. haha. awesome outfit. killer shoes.

    please check out my jewelry line:


  23. thanks for all your lovely comments dear! sorry I'm so behind in replying back to them as well as leaving my own comments on your blog. Good grief, I used to be so much better at this lol. but I know you know where I'm coming from, it's tough trying to keep up!

    any way, I love your vintage dress here and from the looks/sounds of it, Hope in Haiti was a smashing success!

  24. your shoes are fabulous darling!

  25. Wow, you are super sexy in that outfit and shoes are absolutely beautiful!