November 2, 2009

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Album of the Week

Actually it's been the album of the last few. But first, I must apologize for my complete lack of posting - I've been completely incapacitated by the much dreaded flu for the past week. Yes, it is as terrible as it's rumored to be so take care of yourselves this flu season! Nevertheless, if the big bad bug gets you... orange juice is a godsend.

But I digress, the album of the week/the album of the last few weeks is Islands Disappear by Vancouver band, Said the Whale.

Music video for Camilo (the Magician)

My favourite songs include Camilo and Gentlemen, and you can listen to them on their MySpace or check out their Website. Their tour dates are listed, so check out a show if you can. Maybe I'll see some of you at their Vancouver show on the 25th?


  1. Oh no, I hope you get better soon! Thankfully I've almost recovered but I still can't believe how this knocked me out for a week!

    I've actually heard about this band from a few other Canadian bloggers. Will definitely need to check out the entire album. Thanks for sharing and take care!

  2. Really they RT'd it? Cool, will go check that out. Thanks for the comment as well, dear. Hope your week is off to a lovely start! =)

    PS: I hate flu season. Lemon zinger tea always pulls me through, that and good ol' OJ! ;)


  3. Need to check out this band ASAP. Feel better soon - I just got a flu shot so I hope I won't catch it this winter.

  4. I'll definitely check them out-being sick is the worst glad you're better!

  5. Awesome song and really cute vid!!

  6. I'll definitely check them out.

    I hope you are feeling better. Take care. I wish you the best.

  7. hey girl...just wanted to let you know I added you to my links. love your blog. :] xox aimee

  8. that's such a great video and I love the song! great album art cover as well. Hope you're feeling a lot better now! I miss your outfit posts lady!

  9. I love Said the Whale - my fave song is Howe Sound on that album.