October 6, 2009

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A bad joke of a fashion show

is what Style.com deemed the Emanuel Ungaro Spring 2010 Collection which showcased in Paris. This collection is the debut of the new duo at the fashion house - Estrella Archs, the designer who replaced Esteban Cortazar, and Lindsay Lohan, actress turned leggings/self-tanner hustler turned "Artistic Adviser."

The entire review can be read here. Is the collection as bad as the experts say, or do we sense some industry backlash? It's not trend-setting, head-turning or mind-blowing, and yes, there are those terrible sequin pasties - but I don't think I would refer to it as a bad joke... but maybe you just had to be there. Thoughts? Comments?


  1. oh wow. such great pics.

    and i like your overknees on the outfit post

  2. to be honest when i read the article at style.com i thought that the collection would be a damage.that's the way it was described.but then i checked it and realised that it's not that bad. of course it's not a masterpiece.. but who knows it may be evolved!i think some of pieces are fashionable and fresh.

  3. i have to admit it was bad, what a shame I thought Esteban was just starting to grow into his role at the house.

  4. for me, some of the collections aren't that bad.
    some of them are simple and chic as well.


  5. i like the collection. not eveeerythin but most of it. what makes a collection good? apparently only style.com knows.

  6. Oh wauw, give me the bondage dress on the first picture! gorgeous! the blue items on the second row are also very nice =)

  7. dont mind the dc pants, colors a little off but wouldnt be terrible in more neutral maybe??

    wonder what would have been said if lilo wasent associated

  8. i agree, i bet the review would've been a lot more diplomatic if lilo wasn't involved.. like "nothing extraordinary but a solid effort for a debut collection" or something like that.

    the pasties would've been beaked either way, they ARE terrible.

  9. hahaha. I completely agree with the article... and actually I don't even like the first dresses because of the color palette (I can't stand that pink). If the first dress was blue or something it would be bomb. Serves that house right for getting rid of Cortezar (and on bad terms, no less). Love your description of Lindsay Lohan too hahaha


  10. i defs did not like this collection...yes it was probs way more insulted cause of lilo but even without her it would have been maligned...it was noooot good


  11. i mean im not blown away but definitly not bad.

  12. The collection is awkward. But I'm sure I've seen worse

    The second pink dress is nice. That's all

  13. I think there is some good and some bad. Sequin pasties? Eh? I don't get it.

  14. i don't think it's that bad at all!

  15. mm i like all pics . :))


  16. I'm not in love with the collection by any means, but its not as bad as they make it seem- definitely a straight up attack on the LL decision.
    If Marc Jacobs had put out this collection, you know it would have been 'work of genius' or something like that! haha. yeah, fashion's not fair and the industry definitely plays faves...LL just happens to be far from one of them!
    have a fun day!

  17. It's really not that bad, "uninspired" might be a better word to describe it. I agree that since Lilo was involved the reviewers were rougher than they would have been otherwise.