September 2, 2009

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A New Line

has provided me with a new vest! I have been looking for a studded vest and found one from "Seventy-Two Changes", a new line from the makers of L.A.M.B. designed by Taiwanese pop star Jolin Tsai.

I'm wearing my new vest by Seventy-Two Changes with J Brand jeans and a James Perse tee. Benny is wearing our grass.

I love James Perse basics. The fit is ultra comfortable and the cotton is extra soft. My big silver chain is from H&M.

My Dolce Vita booties are probably number one on the list of things I've worn this summer.

Seventy-Two Changes is available in Vancouver at L2 Leone and for everyone else it's sold exclusively at Saks Fifth Ave. I like what I've seen of it so far - edgy pieces with unique features. It's definitely a collection worth checking out.


  1. Pfffffffffffffft.
    Leone L2? Who the hell shops at the place anyways! I totally shop at Bacci's and Blubird!

    But. . .I guess the vest is pretty edgy, I like it, I just don't like where you bought it from thats all. Blahhhhhhhhhh!

  2. I love it! How much is it retailing for?

  3. a little resentment towards our now former workplace? hahaha

    and i'm not sure about retail, i think mine was just under $100 with a nice employee discount... but i dont think the price points on the line are that bad, much better than LAMB...

  4. That's a really cool vest. I like it.

  5. like your look))
    amazing combination*)

  6. Love the vest! This is by far the best version I've seen so far!

  7. zara has a boyfriend jacket just like it.

    love it

  8. WOW! That's what I call a FABULOUS vest!!!
    YOU SOLELY ROCK in this OUTFIT!!!:)

  9. That vest is so sexy and i love the light denim ripped jeans! oh and your pooch is beautiful!

  10. love your vest!!!!