August 13, 2009

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Who Wore it Better?

A guilty pleasure for every smut magazine lover. So in true Us Weekly style I present you...

One dress, two stars.
Angelina Jolie wearing the strapless Michael Kors in leather at last night's Inglorious Basterds' premiere, and Blake Lively in the bright pink version earlier this year at the CFDAs.

I've already mentioned how stunning that dress looks on Blake, but isn't it nice to see a little vintage Angelina?


  1. I have to say Blake!
    They way Angelina is all skinny and tucked in leather just looks really dominatrix-like to me!

    I've added a pic of Rob Pattinson ;)

  2. So simple and so sexy!!! I"m not usually a fan of the blonde & tan look but Blake looks amazing here!

  3. OMG! They both look Fabulous but I think Blake is the WINNER of this LOOK!