August 16, 2009

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What comes between

before and after? Almost there? This dress is a great vintage find, mainly because it fits perfectly, is comfortable and most importantly, I love it.

What it looked like before I went a little too hem happy with it.

What it looks like now, the pre-after shot. I only am calling it an in-between because I need to take down the hem a bit before I'll be totally satisfied. It was a little too granny at first, and now it's a little too figure skater.

Anyway I've posted about them many times before, and it's been requested that I post a close-up of them. These are my moto boots! Caught in between riding and motorcycle, perfectly appropriate for this post.

I love the cutesy floral print on this dress. My peace sign ring was an early birthday gift from two of my wonderful friends.
Thanks again Chels and Sara!


  1. i LOVE your boots...i want a pair just like that for Fall...

  2. I liked how you hacked that hemline to verge of hippie hooch. loves it.

    p.s. I'd "belt it" if I could.


  3. Great photos. You look fantastic. Have a wonderful week. Cheers!

  4. What a pretty dress, Love how the boots look with them. I just wore peace sign earrings yesterday

  5. Wow! You are solely a Fashion stylist - it's amazing how you can create a look sooo Chic and Fabulous ! The boots are a MUST-HAVE !!!

  6. I love how short it is! don't change it! plus you have great legs, so you can totally rock it! love the boots with it too!