August 10, 2009

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She Loves Balmain

as much as I do. Except she can afford it! But has anyone else noticed how sweet Beyonce's style has gotten?

Wearing a dress from Balmain Spring 09 Collection at the BET Awards this year

Balmain studded mini

Rocking denim leggings and an awesome Balmain white blazer

Helmut Lang jacket and Balmain jeans. I would kill for a pair of shredded Balmain jeans but my J Brand Zombies are going to have to do.

Looking very MJ inspired in a Balmain military jacket.

Must find some sort of replica of this vest. I'm banking on Zara or H&M to make it happen.

Love this dress so much.

I think she A. fired her mom as her stylist, B. hired herself a real one, C. finally discovered my boyfriend Christophe and is seriously in love or D. all of the above. Whatever it may be I'm digging her style, she's looking Sasha Fierce, yes?


  1. To be honest I dont like the first dress at all. There is something about it. But the loving it as well..especially the 2nd and 4th looks..looking sasha fierce INDEED!!! nice post

  2. like some of this .especially the balmain jeans with lang jacket thats perfection

  3. i LOVE that white jacket. b is looking good!

    also, if you find a replica of that vest can you please let me know or post it? i'm kind of obsessed with studs.

  4. The Balmain mini skirt is incredible.

  5. Wow, those are really inpiring! i am now having Balmain fever. i need a cure and i really couldn't find any. :D

  6. I solely agree - I'm digging her style too! I wish I could dig up some BALMAIN items for free !

  7. Argh she looks so hot in all these items!! Balmain is super hot right now. Love her hair too. It's so good that she's given up wearing her own Dereon crap.

  8. balmain is rockin' but honestly i want to start making my own blazers ect. with shoulder pads .. they are ridiccccculously expensive. and the dresses... don't even go there.. they are like 25 grand haha.