August 26, 2009

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Translation: Leggings for Men. Seen on the runways of Alexander McQueen, Marni, Calvin Klein and Martin Margiela, this trend was initially laughed off as unwearable. False. Meggings have been unexpectedly spotted off runways and on the streets.

Martin Margiela SS09

Meggings on the street: spotted by Facehunter

Russell Brand wears meggings.

I prefer a little to be left to the imagination... unless there's some heavy duty man-spanx being worn under there I'm not really interested in seeing the outline of your man-parts. Then again, I'm not really interested in seeing a man-spanx-induced mangina.

My conclusion? I think whether you're a man or a woman, meggings/leggings can be worn as such. They're not pants. As Tim Gunn would say, "that's just vulgar". So hop on the leggings trend boys - just do it right.

What do you think about Meggings?


  1. Oh god! The last thing I want to see is a bunch of men running around in leggings. I have a hard time as it is seeing women wearing them as a pants replacement.

  2. Meggings are freaking me out, especially the sequined ones... though I do like a skinny jean on a fit guy!


  3. OMG cannot stand meggings lol. Come on guys, give your boys some room to breathe a little!

    Love your blog though! Just discovered it ;)


  4. Those leggings are so awesome, I love the first ones!I want them! for me though, not for a man lol freaky

  5. Hell NO.
    I'll keep my man bits to myself and when I'm feeling generous, I'll share it with the men who I choose to pursue! haha

  6. Can't say I'm a huge fan. The only time a guy should be wearing these is if it's part of his sports gear (i.e. running pants or cycling pants, or on stage as a male ballerina... I get that they need this to be aerodynamic). As much as I adore Margiela, I think meggings look ridiculous and unbalanced when worn with a suit or blazer jacket. Also, it takes a very distinct type of guy to wear it - he has to hae a dancer's body, but even then, it still looks odd to me. It just looks like a guy is wearing tights.

  7. hhhmm am not so sure about that look lol..only A FEW men could pull it off. I think bottom line is, dont wear them hehe

  8. this looks very very ridiculous ....

    thanks for the comment btw :)

  9. Ahhhh..yeah, i'm not really down with the meggings! personally, i don't really like when guys wear skinny jeans either! too close to meggings!
    i guess i just like a more rugged, masculine guy! hehe fun post!

  10. please not that in the profes photos they are covering their junk. Take a hint boys unless you intend to strut around all day with hand over junk - maybe not the best look.

  11. Meh, not a big fan of meggings. Although, I'm kind of used to seeing guys in tights and whatnot since I do ballet. I do agree though, about the heavy duty man spanx haha, or they better just wear a top long enough to cover :P

  12. Prefer tights...meggings as leggings are a want to be...

  13. Meggings are meant to be worn in layers. Put some half-pants or maybe shorts there and it's fixed. Meggings as pants is a no.

  14. I doubt most western males can pull it off. We then to be on the bulky side.

  15. aasdfghjkl;'

    ok, maybe those guys in those pictures can pull it off, but i know most guys can't

    only skinny guys without the bulks in their legs can pull it off
    but other than that...its just ew

  16. Hello I love wearing leggings they give me are so great feeling. I love them. Very comfortable.

  17. Some of the closed minded people here should be ashamed of yourself! us men don't tell you women what to wear, so what gives you the right to tell us what to wear? Leggings are very comfortable, and don't forget were originally invented during medieval times as menswear!!!

    Why can't us men have the same wide range of choices as women? Why are we restricted by society?
    So much for gender equality.

    I think leggings look great on a man under shorts or under a long tunic-style top so as not to show bits or bum.

  18. I approve of athletic tights and black tights as comfortable menswear. As with women, there are people it will and won't work for - I disagree that it is only for rail-thin hipsters.

    Obviously bits should be modestly vague lumps, but having the bum out is the point.

    As with most clothes, especially ones that are merely wrappers for the human body, it looks best on athletic types and worst on people who are not a healthy shape in any sort of extreme.

    The loud novelty 'meggings' in these photos are a poor example.