August 6, 2009

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Beautiful British Columbia

I'm back! I've spent the last few days on a little road trip with my dad and my brother. We went to Valemount and hiked and rafted around Mount Robson, the tallest point in the Canadian Rockies. Some pictures to share:

Driving up. I love the purple flowers that grow along the road and on the mountains.

Another from the road.

On the hike to Kinney Lake. This reminded me of the opening scene of Twilight and being the huge nerd that I am I had to take the picture, post it, and talk about Twilight.

But I don't think any vampires would hang out in this forest, the sun was practically begging to shine through.

Lots of trees along the trail had really interesting features. Its easy to understand how the textures in nature are so inspirational even in fashion. This kind in particular with it's really rough bark, reminded me of Alexander McQueen Spring 2009.

Another cool tree.

The pretty purple mountain flowers.

Kinney Lake. This photo can not even begin to show how amazing this was.

Rafting on the Fraser River. Wearing Prada sunnies and a sense of adventure. Haha.

From the raft.

The "Five Lakes" trail, aka a clumsy person's nighmare. Oddly enough I survived, and only tripped about 10 times.

Me and my brother at one of the five lakes. Isn't that water incredible?

So clear, clean and untouched.

Overland Falls. Not the biggest waterfall but I'm really glad we didn't raft over it.

The mountains, rivers and lakes were unreal - it's really no wonder why it's called Beautiful B.C.


  1. Yum. who's that cutie in the orange sunglasses?

    muahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! delicious.

  2. wow...unbelievably beautiful! haha i totally would have though of twilight too! just saw the movie...again! haha
    seriously, these pics are amazing! i want to go back to BC...

  3. What gorgeous pics! Makes me actually want to get out in nature. Ah ha

  4. Picture perfection! What a nice getaway from the city

  5. Great looking blog, and it looks like you had a great trip!