July 7, 2009

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Winter in July

I normally refuse to wear out of season clothing, not in a pretentious sort of way, but in an obsessive compulsive "it's not right to wear summer dresses in february" sort of way. However, this recent bout of bad weather has inspired me to bring out some cool weather favorites for a day in the office.

My Kova & T latex leggings and my Tuxedo shirt, from man land at H&M.

Stacked skinny belts = my version of a cummerbund

Wearing menswear inspires feminine accessories; I made this headband about 100 years ago. I will forever be greatful to Blair Waldorf for bringing back tacky headbands.

My ultra high waisted Kova & T oxy leggings give me the irresistable impulse to wear a leather bra, lavender lipstick and a platinum blonde blunt banged wig.
Don't hate, GaGa made me do it.


  1. i dont seeanything here that you cant wear in the summer you look stunning
    great legs to rock those leggings

    and i am the same way .
    boots in the summer ? not for me!

  2. WOW THE LEGGINGS! it's a dream. you have the body to rock it. and love the idea of the stacked belts. i have that green one from h&m i think.


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  3. Great outfit - love the stacked belts! And I don't think there's anything too wintery about the outfit... it's not like you're wearing boots or a coat. Love your blog by the way... I'll definitely be checking in a lot in the future :)

  4. Those leggings are great on you! I've linked u back :)

  5. love the triple belt action!

  6. wow you so kickass in those leggings!!! Smokin ;)

  7. Haha, that is a bit Gaga-esque of you. I always wondered if those latex leggings were comfortable or if they ended up giving you an unglamorous case of swamp ass. Perhaps you can help me set the record straight on that fact.

  8. style porn - swamp ass? love it. i usually call it swass but i'm stealing your term. the leggings are surprisingly comfortable, but i wouldn't recommend wearing them for a night out. i only did once and it was kind of difficult pulling them on and off once i broke the seal haha

    THANKS EVERYONE for your lovely comments and positive feedback!! you're all fabulous :)

    xx Niki

  9. Very hot leggings! Love the first look, especially the stacked belts ~ genius!