July 26, 2009

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The Sartorialist

...sort of. But not really. The heat was approaching unbearable today, and in a decision that could only be part masochistic, part lazy I decided to wear tight black skinny jeans today. Not a good call, and thus another non-outfit outfit post. I'm stealing an idea I saw on Fashion Bananas, one of my favourite blogs, which was a post of some great outfits from other bloggers.

From Fashion Bananas
I love this outfit because it's effortlessly chic, and for the Marc Jacobs bag of course.

From The Glamouri
I like the mix of colours, stripes, solids, new and vintage, and the Dolce and Gabbana booties.

From Late Afternoon
I've been eyeing these Aldo wedges for months, and this outfit may just be what convinces me to finally buy them. I love crop tops and high waisted skirts, this is a perfect example of why.

From Le Blog de Betty
Two words: Topshop sandals. Enough said.

From What is Reality Anyway
I like the paradoxical skirt - it's tough leather with a really feminine silhouette. Plus, that classic Chanel quilted purse can complete any outfit.

Thanks for the idea Delmy! Hope you don't mind :)


  1. all the outfits are so coolisch !

    great blog girl.

  2. of course I don't mind! Thanks for featuring me! XO

  3. those Topshop sandals are HOT!