July 26, 2009

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Not a Girl Not Yet A Woman

Remember vintage Britney? Pre-motherhood, divorce, head-shaving and breakdown Britney singing about her extended adolescence from the top of a mountain? Anyway. I thought that song was a clever post title for my post on the new Biore Skin Preservation skin care collection.

It's for "in between" skin - too old for acne, too young for wrinkles. Being 23, of course I'm sold. I bought the Clean Things Up Cleanser first, about a month ago and the See the Future Eye Cream more recently (after a classmate put the fear of god in me about aging).
The cleanser promises to remove dirt, old and make-up effectively without getting that overly scrubbed feeling. It does follow through - after cleansing your skin doesn't feel tight or dry even if you don't moisturize. However, it's not one of those cleansers that removes eye makeup. In fact, you can't even go near your eyes - it burns! Horribly.

I've been using the eye cream now for a couple of weeks and so far no visible results. Then again, I'm only 23 and it could be one of those things that I'll look back upon in ten years, wrinkle free and think "good thing I started using eye cream in my twenties". And ironically, the eye cream also burns the eye area a bit.

MY REVIEW: Meh. One thumb up and one thumb down. Or two sideways thumbs. It seems to work ok, but I don't think the sensitive eye skin can take it. I won't buy it again.

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  1. your explanation for the title of this post cracks me up! i adore it.