August 1, 2009

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Betty Draper

would wear this dress. I've recently become obsessed with Mad Men and have powered through the first and second season at lightning speed. Betty Draper, my second favourite woman on the show (obviously saucy Joan is my number one) wears an amazing wardrobe of vintage dresses and always looks annoyingly perfect.

I found this dress last week on a very successful thrift shop. It reminded me of my latest television obsession and so I had to have it.

I love the bold floral patten and the back has an interesting crossed-strap detail, but despite my monkey arms and self-timer prowess I could not get a good shot of it.

After a few tucks and a major nip I double belted it and wore it with my peep-toe-and-bow Michael Kors flats. I also wore a stack of mismatched vintage bangles. I can't wait to wear it in the fall with tights, ankle booties, and a motorcycle jacket.

So Betty Draper would've worn this dress, but wouldn't dare wear it now.


  1. Love love love, the print is darling , and the way you cut it oh so cute!

  2. thats a very cute floral dress..i could definitely see myself wearing it. The question is would I pull it off? lool

  3. I am positively obsessed with Mad Men! Loooove this dress!


  4. Perfect for a Summer night out :)


  5. Love your blog! COngrats u are a winner of the Spend on Trend Contest! Could you send me your address asap?! I have to send you the tickets!

  6. i too lvoe the print of the dress! its a great look for a date

  7. cute dress...follow me

  8. omg the dress is fabulous!!
    im so jealous of ppl capable of fantastic DIY...

    ...and ps niki i checked out the groupie blog (amazingly entertaining read) and im more convinced that i need to hunt shia down now lol

  9. This is a great DIY! I would've never guessed that a dress like that could look that amazing! Good job..

  10. Perfect outfit for a perfect summer! You're right, all you need to add a touch of masculinaty ---> motorcycle jacket & booties!