June 24, 2009

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Summer Turquoise

I had been searching everywhere for the perfect turquoise necklace to wear this summer. I love the look of turquoise against tanned skin, with white summer dresses during the day or an LBD at night. It looks great with neutrals and can brighten up basics. In my opinion, turquoise is the perfect summer stone.

A very lovely and talented Lindsay M. made this one for me. Unfortunately, being a haute mess caused me to break it almost instantly and try to fix it using crazy glue and industrial sized pliers. Not such a good idea.

Before things went from bad to worse I took it to Lan, jewellry maker extraordinaire and she quickly undid all the damage that I had done, thank god. Now my necklace is back and I finally got to wear it for the first time today. Thanks again Lindsay and Lan!

Looking for a pretty turquoise necklace to wear this summer? Here are a few picks, all from Banana Republic:
Tiered Turquoise Stone Bib Necklace, US$125

Adjustable Beaded Necklace, US$59

Waterfall Bib Necklace, US$198

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