June 28, 2009

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Raindrops on Roses

I am almost unpacked. Almost. Just 3 more boxes to unpack and 2 closets to coordinate by color and season. I'm So close. A few of my favourite things in my new room...

My two closets. Incredibly disorganized. But still fabulous. Soon to be amazingly coordinated and stuffed to the brim once the rest of the unpacking is done.

My dresser, because it holds my pictures of my loved ones. Bonus: It's also stuffed with foldables, and the 3 top drawers are dedicated to jewellry. (90% costume of course)

Vanilla scented candles. I won these at a bridal shower and they look perfect and smell delicious.

My sapphire satin sheets. So soft. I also have them in ruby. Just looking at this photo makes me want to go to sleep.

And last but not least...
This beautiful piece of art, painted for me by Jane Brookes. Waking up to a pair of Christian Louboutin Patent Minibout Zep Pumps on your wall guarantees a good day.


  1. Your closets are a masterpiece in themselves. **jealous**

  2. hahah i know i'm obsessed, i pulled a carrie bradshaw and made one demand, "a big closet"