June 16, 2009

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An Ironic Vintage Treasure

The man who put women in pants has put me in one of the most feminine dresses I own.

This vintage babydoll Yves Saint Laurent is my latest treasure, with it's ruffled bib front, puffed blousy sleeves, and full flirty mini skirt. It has a matching tie waist belt but I think belting it with something leather might update the look.

It features semi-sheer ribbon-stripe fabric, with white, silver and navy blue.

As usual I rebel against the ultra feminine by pairing anything ruffled with moto boots.

I'm sure he's in heaven putting angels in pantsuits and safari jackets. For anyone who doesn't know much about YSL, he led a life worth reading about. For a brief history, look at THIS.


  1. Great looking dress babe!

  2. Where on earth did you find that dress??? I must know.