June 2, 2009

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In 5 and a Half Months

The Twilight Saga: New Moon will be in theatres! I will most likely go to a midnight screening, dressed in a "Team Edward" shirt and covered in body glitter to look like a sparkly vampire. A preview of New Moon was shown at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards on May 31. Check it out:

November 20, 2009. Can't wait!

Edward's Girl.
Just kidding.
Love, Niki.


  1. Dear Niki, It's Edward.

    Someone in Vancouver found your blog and sent me the link. I yearn for you....If only I could hold you in my arms and...

    Will u b mine?

  2. Only if you make me a vampire

  3. Sorry no, not cool enough to b a vampirrrrrrrrr, but will u still b myne newayZZZz?

  4. No. edward would have way better spelling hahaha

  5. Edward, Yes. Me an Actor, of course not. PLus whenever I write to you I'm writing to you from my Blackberry while I'm out partying and super high. Not my Fault.

    But fine, push me away. You're dead to me, and not in the sexy dead vampire way either.

  6. my heart is officially broken. i guess i'm going to have to go running back to that other magical stud, harry potter.

  7. Hi Nikki it's me

    Daniel Radcliffe
    of course.


    Did you happen to catch a glimpse of my penis when those pictures of me in the play with that horse came out on Perez?