June 3, 2009

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From Prude to Pretty

I picked up this beauty last week on a vintage shop with my brother. He didn't quite see the appeal.

I think it looks like a dress a Catholic elementary school teacher would wear to work... 30 years ago.

Maybe she would go for drinks after work? Dancing?
Check out those pleats.

Regardless, I loved the construction of the dress from the cinched button waist to the long pleated skirt. The material is fun and graphic, and reminds me of Diane von Furstenberg, during her first wave of popularity.

A few nips and tucks later...

...and voila! I will wear this masterpiece shopping in Paris, hiding my face from the papparazzi under giant glamour shades and holding my black AMEX in my Chanel 2.55 quilted leather purse...

In my dreams.

In reality I think I'll wear it to a summer picnic, and come Fall I'll edge it up with tights, ankle booties (maybe I'll even have the Jimmy Choo ones from work by then), pearls and a moto jacket. Awesome.

My advice for the day: Find a good tailor. Become their best friend. Marry one if you can.


  1. That dress looks amazing now!!!
    Before...ok I'm reading a book about Mormons...so with the right braid...

  2. Superrr cute dress niki!

    p.s.You'd make a hot elementary school teacher. I'd tapp that.