June 16, 2009

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Father's Day Gift Ideas... on a Hidden Budget

Father's Day is one of those terrible holidays that Dads usually aren't really that into, but you have to observe anyway. Plus, it can be nearly impossible to shop for since most "Dad gifts" have gotten repetitive and cliché over the years. Nevertheless, it is fast approaching and those typical Dad gifts are starting to look appealing. I've listed some gift ideas, they're nothing out of the ordinary but I say if you're going to get your Dad something he already has a hundred of at least make it special. Or Armani.

Armani Collezioni Square Tie. The best part? Leone has tons of designer ties on sale for half price right now (including this one) from favourites such as Armani and Prada.

Prada Two Tone Cardholder. Get your Dad throwing out his business cards in style.

Burberry The Beat Eau de Toilette for Men. According to Burberry's Creative Director, Christopher Bailey, The Beat For Men "captures all the characteristics of the Beat man, it's masculine, effortless and distinctive with a modern, original identity." In my opinion? It smells good. Another one I can recommend is Tom Ford Eau de Toilette.

The polo shirt, a Dad wardrobe staple. The Lacoste Signature polo is a gift you can't go wrong with, and I'm pretty sure it comes in a thousand colours.

What would a list of cliché Father's Day gifts be without an electric shaver? This is the Panasonic Vortex Nano Shaver & HydraClean Base. Sounds intense, and apparently it is the most badass one on the market since it shaves at angles other shavers haven't even heard of and it heat and fan drys the razor head. Madness.

The best part of all of these gift ideas is not originality, but the fact that they're classic gifts with a designer twist all under $100, with the exception of the space razor. Thank you, summer sales and dwindling economy.

The point? Show Dad some Label love this Sunday.

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