June 1, 2009

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Lazy Sunday

Beach, beer and BBQ would be my perfect definition of a lazy summer Sunday but during sale time us "fashion consultants" never rest (plug my work here: Leone and L2 are 30-50% off right now. Seriously good deals). Luckily a short shift leaves time for that BBQ, and warm weather permits a summery outfit.

Posting pictures of oneself comes with the territory of having a style blog but it definitely is going to take some getting used to as someone who generally (soberly?) hates having her picture taken.
But in my salmon and faux sequined Marc by Marc Jacobs tee and my vintage belt (thanks Mom) it looks like I couldn't care less. I got my skirt at American Apparel in Soho last year. Who buys something from American Apparel when in New York? What a joke. In my defense there's a story, but it's not cool enough to tell. Moving on.
My favourite hat and warm weather staple, from Edie's Hat Shop on Granville Island. It's starting to look a little rough after miraculously surviving a recent trip to Mexico.
Pink Topaz and gold necklace by Lan Kato. Her entire collection is so delicate and pretty, and it's all handmade with beautiful gemstones. She custom made this one for me and I wear it almost everyday (Thanks Lan!). You can buy her jewelry in Vancouver at L2 Leone, or on your next trip to Japan.


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